The Human Givens book

If you find the ideas presented on this website of interest you might like to read the book which encapsulates the research and new thinking that informs both the work of the Foundation and the Human Givens Charter. It is available in paperback and hardback to order online:

Human Givens: The new approach to emotional health and clear thinking, by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell, HG Publishing.

The Human Givens Journal & related publications

The best way to keep up-to-date with continuing developments arising from this new school of psychotherapy is to subscribe to the journal of the Human Givens Institute, Human Givens: Promoting emotional health and clear thinking.

For information about the journal and other related publications (including the Human Givens Charter) which are all available to order online visit: www.humangivens.com or call HG Publishing on +44(0)1323 811662 to order or request a product list.

Human Givens Training

For information on training using the human givens perspective visit the Human Givens College website or call their office on +44(0)1323 811690 to request a free prospectus.

The Human Givens Institute (HGI)

The Human Givens Institute is promoting an online version of the Emotional Needs Audit (ENA), which is designed to survey how well people's emotional needs are being met in the UK using the human givens principles. We hope this will become a good source of ideas for journalists writing about mental health and social issues. It will also serve to explain the human givens to anyone taking part in the survey or reading the results! ENA is a useful self analysis tool for any member of the public to fill in to see how well they are doing at present. ENA has been in use for some time by therapists, teachers, GPs and even a firm of solicitors. Go to the online survey at: www.enaproject.org.

Professional Register

For a list of registered Human Givens therapists and counsellors please see here.

Becoming a member of the HGI

For information about the Human Givens Institute and becoming a member please see here.

Useful external links:

  • SANE is a national mental health charity which aims to raise awareness of mental illness, campaign to improve services and initiate and fund research into the causes of serious mental illness through its research centre. SANELINE 0845 767 8000 (available every day) is a national helpline providing emotional support and information to those experiencing mental health problems, their families, carers and professionals.
  • The Centre for Mental Health is aiming to improve the quality of life for people with severe mental health problems.
  • The Velvet Mind is a private counselling service with useful links, books and information.

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